Link Time!

It is time for the Sunday tradition. Here are five posts that I read recently that I thought were awesome. Enjoy!

Jarkko Laine writes a great post about risk management. He makes a great point in the article that recognizing and managing risk isn’t just something we should do at our jobs, but something we should be doing day-to-day with normal activities.

Josh Buckley gets a double-whammy today. He has a two part series about selling sites. He has a great method, and I personally know it works. Make sure to check out part-two!

Brown Baron has found a bunch of crazy Simpsons gadgets. Does anyone know how successful the movie was? They marketed and advertised like mad before it was released…

Josh Mullineaux writes an inspirational post designed to make you work harder. Three words: Pain Before Pleasure

Adnan tells about his success with blogging. He makes a pretty good amount of money, and he has a ton of readers. Definitely a great read because you can see that when you put the effort into a good blog and stay consistent, it pays off… literally.

7 thoughts on “Link Time!

  1. Oh I know you will love some of my recent posts! It’s cool that you are showing love to so many cool people I like this blog, it has lots of cool info.

    Wait, it sounds like I’m kissing up. Maybe I should have written this in another post, lol.

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