Five Reasons for Attending BlogWorld

I have had a dramatic increase in readers lately, so I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone that has subscribed to my RSS Feed! I hope I can keep you around with some good posting. ^_^

There has been some buzz going around about the BlogWorld Expo coming up in November. I figured that I would add to it and give you five reasons to show up!

1. Networking

At an expo like BlogWorld, you can expect to find some of the leaders in blogging, some of the stragglers, and a lot of people in-between. This presents great opportunity for anyone looking to network. You will be able to get your face out there and actually talk to people that might be reading your blog, which is a very powerful tool when building long-lasting relationships. You can meet Nate, Josh, and I there, for sure!

2. Seminars
Experts in blogging will be presenting on topics that are not only interesting, but potentially profitable. Here is a list of some seminars that will be available:

  • Future Business: Online Tactics & Strategies that you can learn from
  • Building Your On-line Reputation
  • Good to Great: Blogging & Profit Potential
  • The Long Tail … Or Not?
  • Making a Living Podcasting
  • Social Media vs. Corporate Blogging
  • How On-line Conversations Change Markets
  • Badges, Widgets, Plugins & Gizmos, Oh My!
  • The Psychology of Blogging
  • Syndicating Your Blog for Profit
  • Profiting from Podcasts
  • Keeping Your Blog Out of Court
  • Maximizing the Benefits of Small Business Blogs
  • On Writing Well
  • Bloggers for Hire / Hiring Bloggers
  • Making Money with Affiliate Programs
  • Podcasting as Marketing

3. Market Yourself
If you are branding a product that is aimed at bloggers… talk about target marketing! Events like this could be your opportunity to make a splash and start the ripple effect that could take your brand to the next level of market penetration. You can either rent out a booth or do some door-to-door type selling… I would do the former.

4. The Leading Edge of Blogging
You will be previewed to most corners of the blogospere. There is a real opportunity to get ahead and prepare yourself and your blog for the next evolutions and add-ons to blogging

The BlogWorld exhibit floor will provide an extensive selection of products and services for the experienced and first-time blogger alike. Companies will include publishing platforms, design companies, web/blog/podcast hosting companies, aggregators, add-on services, plug-ins, widgets, computer hardware & software, wireless services, podcasting products, wireless & high speed ISPs, VOIP companies, on-line advertising networks, news readers, RSS/syndication services, search engines, consulting companies, affiliate program partners, new media products and services … and many more.

5. It’s Vegas

If I’m not making a strong enough argument with the blog-related reasons for attending, come to the Expo because it is VEGAS. I have personally never been, but if you’re like me, you’ve been told many times that Vegas is one of the coolest cities to be in! Although I don’t recommend you spend your time gambling and getting tipsy, if you can’t resist, you can always go crazy and have one of those “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” type trips. ^_-

I hope to see you all at BlogWorld. You can sign up through the link(affiliate) on the sidebar.

7 thoughts on “Five Reasons for Attending BlogWorld

  1. These sound like solid reasons to go. All the big shots should be in house.
    A quote from BlogWorld Expo

    “If you are serious about your blogging, If you want to increase your readership, improve the look or functionality of your blog, if you want to influence decision makers, sell a product or service, if you want to promote yourself as an industry expert, or build your brand using new media then you can not afford to miss BlogWorld & New Media Expo.

    If you need help with your accomodation planning checkout this post:


  2. Great post Matt. I hope you enjoy your trip to Vegas, and I also hope it proves to be worth while! Which I’m sure it will be.

    There’s only one reason for the increase in readers lately, and that’s great content! Keep it up.

  3. Debo, will you be there? I just heard about it and it seems cool. You get to run shoulders with the biggest and best in the business. And I’ve never been to Vegas!

    Wonder if Paula Mooney will be there?

  4. Like Erik, I wish I could make a trip like this…as reason #5 states, it’s Vegas. Definitely Vegas FTW, Matt! I had to pass up on going to SEMA this year due to time constraints. Hopefully 2008 will be a little easier on me.

  5. Matt looks us up when you get there. We have a booth, Bloggers For Hire, and I’ll be speaking about hiring bloggers and I’m on another panel about hiring blog consultants. Great post and great content here.

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