Headed to IZEA Fest!

Ah yes… conventions. They’re a massive congregation of people in the same industry that are interested in either expanding their personal or business horizons. I have only been to one convention that covered blogging, and that was Blog World Expo in Nov. 2007. The whole UBD team went, and it was a great opportunity to […]

Your Blog. Your Brand.

My previous post was about keeping your time profitable, and I talked about how my blog is currently not in that category. I got a few great comments that made me realize that I unintentionally put blogging under the wrong light. It wasn’t my intention to imply that blogs aren’t profitable, so let’s get into […]

Profitable Time

I wrote a post last month that tackled the difference between static and profitable time. In general, these static activities are going to have little-to-no benefit to you directly generating profits. You will be going nowhere in a hurry with most of these activities, so lets take a look at the good stuff. Profiting tasks […]