Adsense Arbitrage: It can help pay the bills

Adsense is definitely not fresh news anymore. Almost every blog I visit has some form of advertising, and most of those are using adsense. I have been using adsense for about four months now (not here on the blog because you’re too smart to click), and I figured I would let you all know about the arbitrage model I use and how you can make yourself an extra few hundred bucks a month to pay some bills. ^_^ This is not even close to what you can achieve, but hey, I may just inspire to you make much more.

There are a few things required to follow this model:

  • Adwords Account and basic competency
  • Adsense Account and basic comptency
  • Basic competency in a WYSIWYG Editor (GoLive, Dreamweaver)
  • Basic competency in Photoshop
  • One domain that can support unlimited subdomains
  • 50-100 Dollars to Start (recommended)
  • 10 Extra Hours per month (at first)

A Quick Overview

What we are going to be doing here is basically creating landing sites for an arbitrage model. You will be directing people to these sites through adwords or some other pay-per-click advertiser. I recommend starting with adwords because you can do penny clicks (e.g., you don’t want to get caught bidding $.10 per click and averaging $.07 in return from adsense). It is really a simple process, but it requires some basic competencies to do. If you are into making money online, you should be learning about this kind of stuff and gaining basic computer skills anyway. :p

Getting Started

First, you are going to want to create a domain that will be used for the landing page. You don’t have to choose anything related to the niche you will be advertising, but it would be smart to do if you would like to SEO the page as well. How much keyword research you do for this is up to you, but I would strongly advise you spend some time with it. Try to think of something that you know people and companies will be paying a good amount for advertising at least, if you aren’t going to do any research. Let’s just use one of my sites (that is now deactivated), mothers day, for example. I started that one right around Mother’s Day, and I wish I would have known how well it would do. There is always next year, though. I chose that niche because I knew that people would be buying things online like crazy during that time of year. The lesson here is that when choosing niches, use some marketing and e-logic. Oh ya, I almost forgot… make sure you are policy compliant for both adwords and adsense!!!

Trending: New Digital Signage SoftwareBuild the Template

You can spend your time making your own css template, you can integrate something into wordpress… it is up to you. I personally think that they both take about the same amount of time (less than an hour), and if you are just making a one-page splasher, it shouldn’t matter. It should have basic, BASIC, elements. Place your adsense in your desired configuration. I would love to coach you on how to optimize your adsense, but that will have to wait for another post. The idea is that the adsense can be placed without too much density, and in appropriate places. It really is just a Title bar, Header, two ads, content, footer ad, and footer. I am not going to tell you how to design the template’s style or anything, just make it SIMPLE. The idea is for the person to read or look at something and then follow an ad link, nothing else.

Scrape for Content

You want your site to have some content. Again, this model is not incorporating SEO, so we don’t mind if it is duplicate. I prefer when I need a quick, 500-word blurb for content. Simply type “mothers day” into the search and you will be presented with plenty of articles to choose from. Wow, this is pretty easy, huh? Put the content into the template and move-on to the next step.

Adwords Time

Begin uploading and taking care of the server-side things. Once you have your template uploaded and adsense has been activated, you are ready to move onto the Adwords. Create a campaign for your newest domain(s) (or subdomains), and start hacking away at keywords. Again, because you are only bidding penny-per-click, mistakes in keyword allocation don’t scar your CTR too badly . ^_^ Whether you decide to do image ads or you decide to do text ads, is up to you. Image ads generally convert better if I am not mistaken, though…

Make sure that you are advertising in the content network. How much you are willing to budget for each campaign is up to you. I would recommend $10 per day to start out with. I doubt you will max it out because you are only paying a penny for each click. Google takes forever to start new campaigns, so after a week if they haven’t started yours, be patient.

Proof is in the Pudding

My impressions from adwords ended up costing me about 117 dollars (11,751/100), and I earned a little over 400 dollars. Thats almost 300 bucks! How much time did I spend in July on this? None, not one minute. Well, I take that back… I spent a minute per day checking to see how much money I had pulled in. You can blog your heart out and not earn that much… and I spent NO TIME at all in July on this.

Disclaimer and Conclusion

Ok, let’s get something straight here. I have made about 15 landing sites for this, and obviously there are two left. This tells you something… you have to adjust from time to time. These are my two rock-solid campaigns that have profited the whole way through. As I said earlier, there is a bit of trial and error involved when finding the sweet spot. If you have a domain with unlimited subdomains you can do as many of these as you want without taking up server space (who cares if you have an unlimited domains account, though) and without spending extra money on domain registrations.

Google is not a big fan of arbitrage, so make sure you are COMPLIANT. You can still get away with it, just be careful. No need to get your account banned…

That 50-100 bucks I required up there? You will pay Google before they pay you. You already know this though, because you have a basic understanding of adwords and adsense…

Aside from the initial time I put into making and managing all of these sites , I have put no time into them. I will be re-activating some of my campaigns when the time is right (e.g., mothers day), but other than that I don’t spend any time.

So here you are, an EASY way to make some cash to pay a few bills. This isn’t my best month, nor is it my worst. One of my best friends and business partners, Nate, has made more than a thousand dollars come in each month for NO TIME spent. I hope this at least motivates you to make some money. Good luck, and let me know if you have some success!

20 thoughts on “Adsense Arbitrage: It can help pay the bills

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  2. This isn’t something I’d like to spend a lot of time doing, but it certainly would be nice to fill in the cracks. Did you get started on this after reading an ebook or a site of some sort? There are many areas of assumed knowledge in your post, and it would be nice to have it all laid out somewhere step-by-step so that I don’t have to guess what you’re referring to when using phrases like these:

    “make sure you are policy compliant”
    “taking care of the server-side things”
    “Make sure that you are advertising in the content network”

  3. I really need to make a site that will make me a decent amount of money by not doing anything. Blogs are nice, but they are a lot of work. I want to focus on sites that you set up, sit back, and rake in the money.

  4. I agree, I wouldn’t spend a lot of time doing this either. I apologize for being vague with a lot of the instruction. This article and method were aimed at folks that could pass the requirement list up at the top of the article. If I were to write this out step by step… it just wouldn’t be pretty. I am happy to answer any specific questions you have, though, by email. Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

  5. I agree, using arbitrage to make some real money would be nice. I don’t make even close enough for stable income, and arbitrage is not stable in itself. I have seen huge fluctuations occur for almost no reason that I can initially detect… there is lots of trial and error to find your sweet spot for sure. I’m guessing you could do this without any problem, Martin, I know you are a developer.

  6. I think this is something that most people who ‘make money’ with AdSense use in their schemes. Like you said, they don’t use it on their main sites as much, but on niches.

    Next up: Thanksgiving and Christmas, and to a lesser degree, Halloween. Get ready!

  7. Matt, Thanks for sharing your success with us. I would be worried about a permanent AdSense ban depending on how you go about it. What do you know about Domain Parking services? You basically type in some keywords, their programming creates a page with content and fills it with adwords stuff. I hate those sites, but I hate my regular job too… 😉

  8. Just got banned by AdSense for making too much money on Feb 19, 2008. All websites that we had were generic business websites and everything was legal. Google Adsense’s email indicated a ‘bad business model’. Our translation is ‘We are paying you too much money’. Go figure. We had been up and running for over a year until our websites were getting noticed by and Google AdSense’s mysterious partners.

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