Four Blog Goals for August

Now that I have ten posts (this being the eleventh), I am going to start marketing my blog. I am not quite big enough yet, and I haven’t built myself a reputation or quite enough credibility to go out claiming my blog is GREAT… so what can I do? Well, I am going to figure out who my readers are, and then begin to network myself within the niche(s). Here are four ways that I will be marketing, and improving my blog in August:

  1. Encourage Personal Networking and Link Building
    • I can do this is several ways. I can begin searching out the readers and incoming traffic, and leave comments.
    • I can also begin reviewing people’s blogs and posts, while giving them a link. This will encourage them to perhaps read my blog, and better yet, link back to me.
    • Begin having conversations with other bloggers at my level, and hopefully more experienced and popular bloggers as well.
  2. Improve the quality of my posts
    I will be doing my best to write more interesting articles this month. Another thing that I will be holding myself accountable for is my consistency. Sometimes it is hard to find inspiration for writing, but this blog needs to be consistent.
  3. Reach 30 RSS Subscribers
    I am setting the bar pretty low for this month. I am currently at nine readers, and I figure three times that would be a good start. Nate wrote a great article about his RSS subscriber growth. If I can achieve that level of success in the same time frame, I will be happy.
  4. Make Improvements to the Design of the blog I will be making some design changes this month, with the goal being to launch on September 1st.

Have you thought about what goals you can set for your own blog? Let me know if you can think up some other goals for me. If I get a really good idea, I will give you a link on my blog!

8 thoughts on “Four Blog Goals for August

  1. ok… you have yourself a competition. I am at a pretty similar stage to you, just starting to think about marketing my blog and trying to get a few more readers. I have 2 at the moment (one of them is me LOL). So how about a friendly competition to see who can fair best by the end of August ??! Then we can share our ideas and results.

  2. Good luck with your goals for this month. Your August goals are similar to my goals. I’m sitting on 10 RSS subscribers right now and I’d love to increase them, so I’m brainstorming on ways to achieve that.

  3. Really great set of goals, these pretty much mirror my goals. I also included the obvious Technorati ranking as well. Good luck to ya! 🙂

  4. Hey I have a question, I am having trouble getting the top commentator to show up in my sidebar after doing the download and upload and activation of the plugin. How did you get yours to show? Can you help me? Please.

  5. Oh, sorry it’s me again. I posted a schedule for my blog so that my readers have an idea what to expect each day of the week. It is farely easy to stick to and keeps me organized. Check out my post it is titled “Putting Debo Hobo On A Schedule”

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