How are you spending your time?

Do you sometimes feel like you are running around with your head cut-off? Between all of the blogging, emails, phone calls, web surfing, and chatting with friends, you always make the valiant effort of putting in time to actually building profits, right? If you are part of the make money online crowd, you can relate to this.

We have all heard the phrase, “time is money” before . Once again, a cliche blurb not only happens to be true, but an extremely powerful concept in itself. Take a second to analyze your daily routine. Try to look at each individual activity throughout your day as either static, or profiting. Here are some things that you would consider a static activity:

  • junk email (any email that isn’t directly related to you making profits)
  • junk phone calls
  • chatting with friends
  • web surfing
  • blogging (unless you are marketing and profiting with it)

In general, these static activities are going to have little-to-no benefit to you directly generating profits. You will be going nowhere in a hurry with most of these activities, so lets take a look at the good stuff. Profiting tasks may include:

  • developing a new product
  • streamlining you and your business financially
  • marketing your business
  • building profitable relationships

When you are profitable, you are doing what you set out to do as an entrepreneur; make money. The more time you spend being profitable, you will be able to spend less time working hard, and your profits will hopefully soar. So I have to ask you, how are you spending your time?

11 thoughts on “How are you spending your time?

  1. This is what i have been trying to work on recently. A lot of my time on the web has not been very productive, mostly browsing. When i should be working on my profitable sites.

  2. I agree, I think the web is incredible destructive in terms of getting things done as well as being constructive.

    I think you just need to set a time slot or time limit to get all the junk out of the way.

  3. If I’m honest, I suppose I spend a little too much time wasted, but at times, that can help creativity perhaps?

    How would you classify things like Digg, clicking every speed-linking link you can find etc.? I daresay that would be my biggest problem!

  4. Digg is definitely static time ^_^. I love that website, but I never leave it with money coming in. If you are linking for your blog, and your blog is a marketing tool that is helping to sell products or services, then it can be profitable time. If you are just linking to your blog and you don’t make or plan to make money with it, sorry, that would be static time.

    I agree that you need time for stuff like digg and entertainment-related sites. Keep the time you use for that stuff scheduled if you can.

  5. Devoting all your time to ‘profitable time’ will prove to be very helpful for you in the future, and in the end, will make you more money. But everyone has to have a little ‘static activity’, whether it’s reading, playing with your friends, gaming etc… everyone has to take a little time out now and agian.

  6. I find I spend less time in these static activities if I plan my start, break and quitting time. Then I and everyone around me knows when I’m away from the computer and business. I’m not sure what happens in my brain, but I’m less likely to ‘chat’ during work time. I also have a social time planned on Friday night when I go into MySpace and whatnot. Planning can be everything.

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