How Fast is Your Internet Connection?

First off, congratulations to UBD’s first year anniversary. If you haven’t entered our contest, follow that link to win some awesome prizes! We’re giving away an iPod Touch and our new Citrus Theme! So, as the title inquires, how fast is your internet connection? Bandwidth is everything. If I can’t connect and move files, thoughts, […]

Headed to IZEA Fest!

Ah yes… conventions. They’re a massive congregation of people in the same industry that are interested in either expanding their personal or business horizons. I have only been to one convention that covered blogging, and that was Blog World Expo in Nov. 2007. The whole UBD team went, and it was a great opportunity to […]

Organizing .PSD’s

Imagine yourself shuffling through a filing cabinet looking for your birth certificate. You open the drawer and to your dismay, none of the *MANY* documents inside this filing cabinet have been put into folders. Instead, all of the documents are shuffled into a mind-numbing clutter that will take turn your expectedly short task into a […]