Coinbase Review

Cryptocurrency is all the rage these days. With fiat currency fluctuating, stock markets tumbling, gold prices bubbling, and general geopolitical unrest, it’s high time that the world removed itself from the grips of international banking.

This high-tech “money” feels only natural in this New World Order… This shared space in which technology has been grafted to its very backbone. Paper money is our musical cassette tape and credit cards our CDs. The latest, greatest way to trade is through cryptocurrency. It is our monetary MP3.

And much like the early days of the MP3, the methods of trade were largely peer-to-peer, in a sense. This kept the vast majority of potential investors and consumers away. Nowadays trading options are more open due to bitcoin-code.

Thankfully, today there are companies like Coinbase.

Coinbase acts as your wallet, your exchange, and your secure vault for bitcoin.

The good:

  • Secure, easy to use interface.
  • Full use of account both on web and mobile.
  • Coinbase funded by some of the best investors in tech.
  • Excellent compliance with US regulatory agencies.

The bad:

  • Unless you provide a credit card, your bitcoin can take up to five days to deposit.
  • Limits on the amount you can buy/sell daily until trust is built on your account.

Bottom line, the good outweighs the bad. If you plan on buying/selling/holding bitcoin, I highly recommend Coinbase.

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