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I have decided to sharpen my design skills by taking on a new hobby. I am going to be designing and distributing free blog templates for WordPress. How am I doing this? Well I am not going to go into detail, but I will give you an idea of the process that I use. Aside from honing my design skills, I will be building an army of links. Did I hear somebody say SEO? If you want to know more about WordPress SEO look for Victorious.

First, I start a new photoshop project. I build the template visually, element by element. When I finish the photoshop file it ends up looking something like this:

After the design work has been done, it is time to dissect the design and build individual elements into a WordPress template. Now, it is time to talk about why this is such a benefit to me and the sites I choose to embed links for.

A huge part of your PageRank is determined by the number of back-links that your site has floating around the interweb. When you embed links into a WordPress template, you are potentially linking yourself to thousands of legitimate blog sites. If you have a site that is ripe for paid advertising, you can leverage yourself with a high PageRank.

This can be an extremely effective method when you are trying to climb a website to the top of the search engines. Converting sales on a site can be difficult, but if you have people searching for your product and they see you ranking somewhere in the top three, you can bet your sales will begin to increase. Targeted traffic is an important thing to take advantage of. You will see your conversions begin to make a turn for the better (assuming you have the right search terms covered).

There are many benefits to taking on this hobby. Enough said ^_^.

3 thoughts on “Building a WordPress Template

  1. I can understand that. I am still learning css, but I am getting a bit of help from a good friend of mine. You can check out the finished theme at

  2. Need some help with CSS, let me know. I am good at HTML and CSS, but not a very good designer.

    Instead of actually designing wordpress templates, I was going to turn the code into valid xHTML and CSS, and they send them back to the author with my link at the bottom so they can re-distribute. I get the linkback also, but I do more of the coding side, not the design side.

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