August Re-Cap

Any successful person will tell you that achieving goals begins with setting them. Back on the fourth of August, I posted a list of Four Blog Goals for August. I am happy to say that I accomplished three of the four goals, but four of four would have been nice. Luckily, the three that were accomplished happened to be the top three in importance.


  1. Encourage Personal Networking and Link Building – I have spent WAY too much time on MyBlogLog this last month. MyBlogLog is a great networking site that can lead you to hundreds, if not thousands of blogs in your niche. I am calling it a success because I have met a lot of people online this last month, and have improved my traffic directly from networking. As far as link building goes, I didn’t do any link-exchanges or paid links. I can still call it a success because of how many trackbacks that am receiving on my posts though.
  2. Success

  3. Improve the Quality of My Posts – Being as this is subjective, I can’t really gauge the success of this from my own opinion. What I can do, though, is use the number of comments on my posts and the direct feedback I’ve gotten to gauge how my readers are responding to the content. I have had several posts climb above ten comments, and one is at 16! For a blog that is as new as mine, reaching those numbers can be considered a success. A few posts this month (Adsense Arbitrage, WordPress Themes, and Bootstrapping) got some great feedback and a lot of trackbacks.
  4. Success

  5. Reach 30 RSS Subscribers – Short and Sweet. I accomplished this on the LAST day. I officially had 30 RSS readers on the 31st of August. Let’s take a look at the RSS graph to see the progression.
  6. Failure

  7. Make Improvements to the Design of the Blog – I didn’t take the time to take on any designing for the blog this month. Even though it is a failure here on the blog, the time that would have been used to design my own blog was put to good use elsewhere. Unique Blog Designs launched late last month, and I have been busy doing design work for other bloggers.

All in all, August was a pretty successful month here at the blog. I would like to thank everyone who has subscribed or is just reading the blog, it makes my time worth it to have you all here. I will be setting a new group of goals for the blog tomorrow, so stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “August Re-Cap

  1. Congrats on achieving most of your goals. It takes some hard work to complete your goals sometimes. So well done.

    I can’t really remember my goals for back then, I’ve been so busy with everything I think that it as something like “survive the next month”. Actually I released a new blog and thats been going alright, so I guess thats good. ^_^

  2. Awesome, congrats Matt on breaking 3 of those goals. For me, the networking and RSS subs count would be the most important, so as long as those are both growing then you’re doing very well. I loved your Adsense Arbitrage post! And reminds me that I need to set some goals of my own 😉

  3. congrats man it’s hard work getting a blog up and running and achieving all of your goals. I’m sure you will get around to improving your blog’s design 🙂

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