The Web Development Arsenal

Although I am still a newbie among most web developers, I have many basic skills in designing and coding websites. Many of my skills can be attributed to the intuitiveness of the software I use. At this point, I am much stronger when I use a WYSIWYG editor than if I am writing plain css […]


I figured you all might want to see what our bootstrapped business is looking like right now. ^_^ If you walked into the room, you would see this on your left: We are truly bootstrapping this business as of right now. When you are in this situation, cramming yourself into a room with a bunch […]

John Reese and ShoeMoney

I just found a great podcast interview that features John Reese and Jeremy Shoemaker a.k.a. ShoeMoney. It highlights some great marketing strategies and philosophies that are used by two of the top online money-makers! I am not sure as to how new it is, but it is some great stuff. The cast is divided into […]