Start-up Entrepreneur = Project Manager

If you take a few steps back from your newly budding start-up business, you might begin to see the business as more than just a bunch of stuff that needs to come together to make money. Really, your start-up is a project. Think of how many components are being thrown in to the mix to […]

How are you spending your time?

Do you sometimes feel like you are running around with your head cut-off? Between all of the blogging, emails, phone calls, web surfing, and chatting with friends, you always make the valiant effort of putting in time to actually building profits, right? If you are part of the make money online crowd, you can relate […]

What is your core competency?

I am reading a great book right now called “smartups” by Rob Ryan. This is a must-read book if you are involved in a start up, and you can check his website here. What’s at the core? I am covering an interesting concept related to identifying what a firm really “does.” Finding new perspective like […]