How to Create a WordPress AJAX Contact Form

WordPress has an incredibly simple AJAX pattern that works quite well for pretty much all use-cases. In this particular example, a contact form, I’ll show you how to write the HTML, PHP, and JavaScript (using jQuery). I’ll also show you how to look at this task from the high-level view, thinking about things as if […]

Coinbase Review

Cryptocurrency is all the rage these days. With fiat currency fluctuating, stock markets tumbling, gold prices bubbling, and general geopolitical unrest, it’s high time that the world removed itself from the grips of international banking. This high-tech “money” feels only natural in this New World Order… This shared space in which technology has been grafted […]

Atomic Rockets

Occasionally, one comes across a website that is so dense, so full, so rich in niche enthusiasm, that it is absolutely impossible to keep to oneself. I stumbled across such a website recently while tickling my fancy for war history and in particular, nuclear warfare: Atomic Rockets It’s packed with interesting topics such as “Astromilitary”, […]