Matthew Blancarte is a programmer and web-technologist with over a decade of experience.

His first company, Unique Blog Designs, was a bootstrapped web design firm that specialized in developing custom WordPress themes. During his four year involvement as an active member of UBD, Matthew designed and developed hundreds of custom sites, blogs and small web applications. He also was part of the design and development of UBD’s three successful products: Affiliate Theme, Squeeze Theme, and Sales Page Theme.

In 2010, Matthew was part of the inaugural Seattle TechStars class. He co-founded Highlighter.com, a self-publishing platform for higher education. After several successful pilot programs and two years of development, Highlighter.com merged with panOpen, Inc. to bring OER publishing to higher education.

After 9 months with panOpen, Matthew received a unique opportunity to start a new company in Seattle with his previous business partner, Nate Whitehill. Today, Matthew consults as the server architect and full-stack developer for several high-traffic (> 1M monthly visitors) and high-revenue (> $10M collective annual revenue) eCommerce sites.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys tinkering with open source software of all kinds. Without a preference or prejudice for any particular platform or language, Matthew has extensive real-world experience with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Ruby + Ruby on Rails, node.js, HTML5, CSS3, Python + Django, Linux Command Line Interface, and more.

If you’d like to contact Matthew Blancarte, please go to the contact page.

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